Attraction of the Jbel Bani Geopark in Southern Morocco

The Jbel Bani Geopark is a sustainable tourism development project in southern Morocco that aims to enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the Anti-Atlas region to create an attraction that attracts investors and helps settle the local population. Emphasizing Geo Agro tourism, the Moroccan Association for the Development of the Jbel Bani Geopark (AMDGJB), which manages the Sustainable Territory of the Jbel Bani Geopark (TSGJB), offers various activities to explore the geology, ecology, archaeology, astronomy, and local identity of the area.

Among the potential attractions are:
Interactive tours of the Jbel Bani Geopark that allow visitors to explore remarkable sites such as geo-sites, oases, deserts, and mountains. These sites define classified hotels for both national and international tourists in these vast regions, ranging from mountainous deserts to oases.

Tourist information websites for the Jbel Bani Geopark ( ,,, including those for its eco-tourism pilot projects, Dar Infiane Tata and its annexes in Tissint (, provide information and advice on the services and activities of the Geopark for this sustainable territory that stretches from Zagora to Tan Tan along the Royal Oasis Route, which runs along the Jbel Bani mountain range.

The ICT Committee, chaired by Abdelmajid OUCHIKH of the AMDGJB and led by Patrick SIMON, utilizes innovative technologies such as a video library and photo library to enhance the visitor experience with scientific publications and communications about the Jbel Bani Geopark are used to highlight knowledge and research related to this territory.

In this regard, co-productions have been carried out in collaboration with both national and international television channels, including the 1st channel SNRT, 2M, ARTE, ARD, FR3, Ushuaia, and Class Tourism. These productions have also been disseminated on social media platforms such as YouTube, reaching a wider audience and contributing to the promotion of the Jbel Bani Geopark.

Patrick SIMON
President AMDGJB – Sustainable Territory of the Jbel Bani Geopark