Moroccan Association for the Development of the Jbel Baní Geopark (AMDGJB)

FR – Gèoparc Jbel Bani : Des nouveaux logos pour nos plans d’actions 2024/2027 pour mieux vous accompagner, mieux nous retrouver – AMDGJB ___ UK Jbel Bani Geopark New logos for our 2024/2027 action plans to better accompany you, better find us – AMDGJB

Visites : 1 006 Géoparc Jbel Bani Un Levier pour un Développement Durable, Inclusif, et Scientifiquement Valorisé Au cœur du Sud Marocain, le Géoparc Jbel Bani émerge comme une initiative dynamique ancrée dans le tissu professionnel, s’engageant à accompagner un partenariat entre population et les élus locaux provinciaux et régionaux. Cette[…]

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Attraction of the Jbel Bani Geopark in Southern Morocco

Visites : 1 018 The Jbel Bani Geopark is a sustainable tourism development project in southern Morocco that aims to enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the Anti-Atlas region to create an attraction that attracts investors and helps settle the local population. Emphasizing Geo Agro tourism, the Moroccan Association for[…]

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Visites : 2 048 The proactive force of the AMDGJB is expressed through the welcome extended by the global Geopark community, including geologists, researchers, and more, to our three (3) Marrakech Declarations, which have been viewed 2,240 times since August 9th. We wish to issue the following call to your attention![…]

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