The TSGJB _ AMDGJB thanks the young people of the AFAK Association for Education and Culture of Tighrmte – Tata – For the cleaning day of the MESSALITES Site, located in Tata

A Site to think about developing, perfectly adapted for a sustained Culture/Nature animation for the inhabitants of Tata, for Internal Tourism, to promote it from the Region of Tata, from the Sustainable Territory of the Geopark Jbel Bani.

Once again around fifty young people of all ages were able to demonstrate and prove, as part of this action for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, their will, their pleasure, their sharing,
.., their joy and good humor for these cleaning participations for a shared enhancement of this remarkable site, their desire for civic participation in the well-being of all and by giving as a conclusion to this day a participative animation in song, dance and games!

Thank you all on behalf of our teams
Cordially !
Patrick Simon
President of the TSGJB – AMDGJB Jbel Bani Geopark Development Association

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